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Innovative, certified, convincing

FASHION AND MORE sells and distributes man made leather: a high-quality, high-tech microfibre non-woven fabric which – thanks to its innovative production – preserves the look and material characteristics of suede or nubuck leather. The materials FASHMO™ and CHAMUDE® are made of high-tech microfibers certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100.

FASHMO™ and CHAMUDE® are used in many areas – not only in the textile and fashion industry. The soft and silky surface, which is characteristic for both of the materials, inspires manufacturers of various industries for further processing. For instance, the microfiber is not only suitable but ideal for the processing and finishing of shoes, bags, accessories, but also for the production of special equipment in sports such as riding saddles or as inserts for orthopedic shoes.

Convincing aesthetics

The "man made leathers" FASHMO™ and CHAMUDE® are made of high-tech microfibres, very robust, environmentally friendly and very easy to clean: They can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and dry extremely fast. The man made leathers are up to 30 % lighter than conventional animal leather. In addition, they have no disturbing natural features such as scars – their surface is very smooth and even. Due to the artificial fibers the material thickness is consistent. As a result of this characteristic, less offcuts and waste is produced during further processing. FASHMO™ and CHAMUDE® are available by the meter in various thicknesses and colors, which can be individually finished with laser technology, lamination, printing, perforation or embossing.

With this unique material, FASHION AND MORE creates aesthetic values ​​that embody a high standard and value stability.

FASHMO™ is man made leather: It is made of high-quality nylon which deceptively resembles suede thanks to an innovative manufacturing process. It is extremely tear-resistant and can be processed open-edged.

CHAMUDE® is the the premium version of the man made leather and consists of high-quality polyester fibers, which embody perfection in terms of surface refinement, feel and aesthetics. CHAMUDE® offers best functional characteristics.


FASHMO™ and CHAMUDE® are supplied as roll goods and can be individually finished. We are happy to put you in contact with our partners in the industry. The surface refinement can be realized for example via laser technology. Thanks to the smooth surface it is also possible to easily foil, laminate or print artificial leather. In addition, the materials can be refined with rhinestone applications or embossing and perforation.